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As the owners and founders of Bridge & Case LLC, we are two colleagues bound together through curiosity and an unwavering belief in what is possible through hard work and passion. In both our personal and professional lives, we have experienced the power of history and its incredible ability to create understanding and connection through conversation and collection access.  Each day, we strive to foster learning with our research and the collections we help document and preserve.

Our Team: About


Your Research & Preservation Partners

Our Team: Team


Genealogical and Historical Researcher.
Preservation & Access Advocate. 
Marketing & Communications Consultant.


Library & Archival Professional. 
Preservation & Access Advocate. 
Genealogical and Historical Researcher.


What Others Are Saying

Our Team: Testimonials

"While working as consultants on a corporate multimedia project, we found ourselves serving as the stewards of a large family collection. For some years, we attempted to assess and catalog what we had for the family. After doing some research, we found our way to Amy and Jen. In a few short months, they managed to accomplish what we could never fully do -- professionally and respectfully curate the family's multi-generational collection. They allowed us to transition over our responsibilities while turning the process into a delightful experience for the family."

Jason Krantz, Operations Manager, RPM Entertainment Productions Inc.
Category: Collection Support Services

"Amy Miller greeted the chaos of multiple generations of my family's archive with a warm smile and an eager eye. She was undaunted by the tiny scrawled handwriting of letters unread since they were first received. From Jerusalem in the 1890s to detailed letters from the front during the First World War, from trips by sea to New York and Canada between the wars, to vivid descriptions of a young doctor's midwifery experiences in the slums of Dublin in the 1940s, Amy proceeded with calm and an organisational skill that has left me feeling in control of an otherwise untamable collection of invaluable family history. Not only has she preserved the original documents, but she has digitised much of it, so it will be much more broadly available to scattered family members. Her fees have been reasonable, her reliability unparalleled, and her trustworthiness impeccable. I wish she could do the same for many other parts of my life."

Penelope Creeley, Guardian of Family Affairs
Category: Archival & Preservation Services

"Jennifer and Amy have an incredible understanding of Buffalo's history.   They are particularly adept at locating information when sources on a particular topic are scarce.  I have always found them to be professional and efficient.   It is a pleasure to work with them."

Dr. Rosanne Higgins, Author and Ph.D. in Anthropology 
Category: Scholar/Author Research Support

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