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Genealogical and Historical Researcher.  

Preservation & Access Advocate.

Marketing & Communications Consultant.

email: |  phone: 716-550-2439

Jennifer Liber Raines: Headliner


  • Genealogical and Historical Research

  • Preservation and Access

  • Presentations (in-person and online)

  • Project Management

  • Community Outreach and Advocacy

  • Marketing and Communications


Jennifer Liber Raines has always loved a good story and problem to solve.  

After a successful career in marketing and communications, her curiosity and her passion for research and storytelling led her to genealogy.  For the past ten years, she has been helping clients, researchers, and community members explore and document history.  Deeply committed to preservation and partnerships, Jennifer served on the New York State Historical Records Advisory Board (NYSHRAB) for five years.  She is a past President of the Western New York Genealogical Society and the current Chair of Preservation and Webmaster.  Jennifer was also a member of The Buffalo History Museum’s Board of Managers, where she served as the Board Vice-President and Chair of the Advancement Committee.

Jennifer’s personal research focuses on the history of Western New York’s institutional poor; specifically, her work documents the lives and experiences of individuals who worked and received care at the Erie County Poorhouse (1851-1926) as well as those children bound out and placed at local orphanages by the County of Erie.  From 2013-2019, Jennifer served as a contributing member of the University at Buffalo’s Erie County Poorhouse Cemetery Project.  

Jennifer is a frequent lecturer and a past contributor to such publications as the Western New York Genealogical Society Journal, Swedish American Historical Quarterly, and Bioarchaeology of Dissection and Autopsy in the United States.  She is a recipient of the New York State Archives’ William Hoyt Award for Excellence in Advocacy (2019), the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society’s Empire Service Award (2018), and the Buffalo History Museum’s Owen B. Augspurger Award for Local History (2016).  

A member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, Jennifer received her professional certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University and her B.A. in English from the State University of New York at Geneseo.


The Buffalo History Museum  2017-2022

  • Board Vice-President    2020-2022

  • Chair, Advancement Committee   2019-2022

  • Member, Advancement Committee   2017-2022

  • Member, Strategic Planning Committee  2019-2022

New York State Historical Records Advisory Board   2018-2023

  • Workgroup Member, Every Voice | Every Story: Achieving Greater Agency, Equity, and Social Justice in New York’s Historical Record  Initiative  2020-2021

University at Buffalo   2013-2019

  • Contributing Member, Erie County Poorhouse Cemetery Project   2013-2019

  • Volunteer Researcher, National Park Service's American Battlefield Protection Program Grant: Battle of Scajaquada Creek Bridge   2017-2018

Western New York Genealogical Society​  2012-Present

  • Board President   2017-2019

  • Chair, Preservation Committee  2018-Present

  • Chair, Programming Committee   2012-2017

  • Chair, Publicity & Community Outreach Committee   2012-2019​

  • Volunteer, Library & Research Support  2012-present

  • Webmaster 2012-Present


Liber Raines, J.L. “Early Buffalo (New York) Tax and Assessment Roll Books: 1815 to 1823.”  Western New York Genealogical Society JOURNAL, volumes 46 (March 2020) through 48 (June 2021).

Liber Raines, J.L. “Children Bound Out by the Erie County Superintendents of the Poor, 1864-1868.”  Western New York Genealogical Society JOURNAL, volumes 45 (June 2018) through 46 (September 2019). 

Nystrom, K.C., Sirianni, J., Higgins, R., Perrelli, D., & Liber Raines, J.L. “Structural Inequality and Postmortem Examination at the Erie County Poorhouse.” K.C. Nystrom, ed. The Bioarchaeology of Dissection and Autopsy in the United States. Switzerland: Springer International, 2017. Pages 279-300.

Sandy, D., Jones, J.E., & Liber Raines, J.L. “The Buffalo Orphan Asylum and the Settlement of Swedes in Northern Pennsylvania and Western New York.”  The Swedish American Historical Quarterly, 67 (October 2016): 216-240. 

Liber Raines, J.L. “Erie County Children and Orphans Placed at Local Charitable Institutions (1875-1882). Western New York Genealogical Society JOURNAL, volumes 41 (September 2014) through 42 (March 2016). 


Liber Raines, J.L. “Forgotten People, Forgotten Places: The Lives & Lessons of the Erie County Poorhouse Cemetery Project.” Lecture. New York Archives Annual Conference: Rochester, NY, 2019.

Liber Raines, J.L. (2014, April 14). “The Importance of Documentary Evidence in Understanding Demographic Patterns at the Erie County Poorhouse (1851-1926).” Symposium poster. Association of Physical Anthropologists Annual Conference: Calgary, AB, Canada, 2014.

Higgins, R. & Liber Raines, J.L. “Confirming Burial Location in the Erie County Poorhouse Cemetery Using Death Certificates and Mortality Records from 1880 – 1913.” Symposium poster. Association of Physical Anthropologists Annual Conference: Calgary, AB, Canada, 2014.

Higgins, R., Liber Raines, J.L., Perrelli, D., & Sirianni, J. “Using Documentary Evidence to Study the Erie County Almshouse Skeletal Collection: Problems and Potential.” Conference presentation. New York State Archaeological Association Annual Conference: Watertown, NY, 2013.


  • Association of Professional Genealogists

  • New York Genealogical & Biographical Society

  • Western New York Genealogical Society

  • American Association for State and Local History 

  • Digital Marketing Institute

Jennifer Liber Raines: CV

Proud Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

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